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27th Jan 2018, 9:45 PM
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dpat57 27th Jan 2018, 9:45 PM reply edit delete

Mikey, a multitude of Mikeys, the Watcher in the Walls, God Mikey, and He Who Must Not Be Named, which sounded cool back in 2008 when this comic started.

Where we've got to: In Time Patrol Headquarters in the year 60K, Mikey has encountered The Watcher in the Walls, a simulcrum representing the alien prison ziggurat's flawed IT supervisor, who is resentful of Mikey's past interference. Duplicate copies of Mikey have surrounded him and seized him, Mikey thinks they're a bunch of Professor Singh's prototype robots stolen from his laboratory (see previous update), but are they? Now the god-like evil Mikey from the future has appeared via a portal seemingly connecting TPH to the ziggurat on Noota, light years and millenia distant, something that shouldn't be possible....

I looked up the plural spelling of "me" but there doesn't seem to be one. Opinion leans toward "mes" but I went for mees instead, which is how I want it to sound when spoken.

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