Page 172 - Tremble at my power.

31st May 2017, 9:19 AM
Tremble at my power.
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Murgey Seesilot, Mikey and Eddie, and Mikey.

Where we've got to: On a planet called Noota, 500 light years from Sol... inside a gigantic ziggurat prison built to contain a malevolent alien entity that wants to escape and enslave the galaxy... Mikey has been thrown back through time by Crowbar and returned to his present. He has been rescued by Eddie, a supervisor drone who resembles a flying suitcase, whom he befriended in a previous encounter. Eddie conceals Mikey from a powerful evil future version of himself who rules this era with an iron fist, but they meet time cop Murgey Haut Jama Doro Seesilot and his assault drone Zorpheo, who are seeking the source of a major time violation. Eddie fends off Zorpheo's first attack but just as Zorpheo is about to re-engage, a giant block of stone plunges down and squishes the drone like a grape....

3D character and location models created using SketchUp
Dialogue, balloons, effects via Paint.NET
Fonts by
A Blockhead production!